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Our Staff

Adams, J. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 4Grade 6
Arnott, D. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 13Grade 8
Betts, G. Mrs.Educational Assistant
Chan, A. MsLearning Support Teacheremail
Cormier, J. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 16Grade 8
Courtmanche, D. Mrs.Educational Assistantemail
Coxon, S. Ms.Educational Assistantemail
Crljenkovic, C. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 18Grade 7Website
Dixon, M. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 10Grade 7/8Website
Flynn, SueSchool Administration Assistantemail
Garrett, JimCustodianemail
Guizzo, M. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 17Grade 7Website
Helton, L. Mrs.Sustainable Resources Teacheremail
Horhozer, K. Ms.School Nurse
Irish, W. Ms.Tech. Education Teacheremail
Irving, B. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 1 (W,Th,Fri.)
James, H. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 19Grade 7
Khosla, S. Mrs.Vice PrincipalemailDiv. 8 Grade 7
Lancaster, C. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 7Grade 7
Leach, T. Mrs.Accounts Clerkemail
Lesowski, K. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 6 (W,Fri)Grade 6
Lubinich, WendyYouth and Family Counsellor
MacAuly, V. Ms.Physiotherapist
Mackenzie, C. Mrs.Drama / Musical Theatre Teacheremail
MacLellan, L. Mrs.Learning Support Teacheremail
McCool, R. Mrs.Educational Assistantemail
McCord, JoanneSecretarial Clerkemail
Mitchell, G. Mr.Principalemail
Montgomery, K. Mrs.Band TeacheremailWebsite
Taylor, S. Mrs.Occupational Therapist
O`Dornan, S. Mrs.Speech and Language
Parry, M. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 9Grade 7/8Website
Patten, E. Mrs.Librarian / Teacher emailDiv. 20 (W)
Pawson, R. Mr.Educational Assistantemail
Percival, M. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 8Grade 7
Pollitt, S. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 3Grade 6
Powell, B. Mrs.Educational Assistantemail
Protheroe K. MrsHome Ec. Teaheremail
Quast, V. Mrs.School Counsellor Teacheremail
Reintjes, M. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 12Grade 7/8Website
Rimmer, K. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 2Grade 6Website
Roden, K. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 1 (M,T)Grade 6
Romano, C. Mrs.Educational Assistantemail
Roy, M. Mr.Teacheremail
Sanschagrin, J. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 15Grade 8
Schuring, M. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 14Grade 8
Sharples, C. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 5 (M,T,Th)Grade 6
Smith, S. Ms.TeacheremaDiv. 6Grade 6Website
Spies, J. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 20 (M,T,Th,Fri.)Grade 7
Thexton, T. Ms.Educational Assistantemail
Thomas, P. Mr.First Nations Counselloremail
Thompson, K. Ms.Teacheremail
Wardel, D. Mr.School Techemail
Whyte, K. Mrs.Strings Teacheremail
Zumach, K. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 11Grade 7/8Website