Staff Directory

Our Staff

Adams, J. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 4Grade 6
Arnott, D. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 15Grade 8
Betts, G. Mrs.Educational Assistant
Cormier, J. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 18Grade 8
Courtemanche, D. Mrs.Educational Assistantemail
Coxon, S. Ms.Educational Assistantemail
Crljenkovic, C. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 19Grade 7Website
Dixon, M. Ms.Learning Support Teacheremail
Flynn, SueSchool Administration Assistantemail
Gould, J. MsLearning Support Teacher
Guizzo, M. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 20Grade 7Website
Haidar, M. Mrs.Vice Principal
Helton, L. Mrs.Sustainable Resources Teacheremail
Horhozer, K. Ms.School Nurse
Horlor, L. MsLearning Support Teacher
Irish, W. Ms.Tech. Education Teacheremail
Irving, B. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 5
James, H. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 22Grade 7
Kotyk, M. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 1 (M, Th, Fri)Grade 6
Lancaster, C. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 8Grade 6/7
Leach, TaraAccounts Clerkemail
Lubinich, WendyYouth and Family Counsellor
MacAuly, V. Ms.Physiotherapist
Mackenzie, C. Mrs.Drama /Art/Choir TeacheremailWebsite
MacMaster, M. Ms.School Psychologistemail
McCool, R. Mrs.Educational Assistantemail
McCord, JoanneSecretarial Clerkemail
Macintosh, T. Mr.Principalemail
McIntosh, R. Mr.Custodian-Daytimeemail
Montgomery, K. Mrs.Band TeacheremailWebsite
O`Dornan, S. Mrs.Speech and Language
Parry, M. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 10Grade 7Website
Pollitt, S. Mr.TeacheremailDiv. 3Grade 6
Powell, B. Mrs.Educational Assistantemail
Protheroe K. Mrs-LOATeacheremail
Quast, V. Mrs.School Counsellor Teacheremail
Reintjes, M. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 13Grade 7
Rimmer, K. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 2Grade 6Website
Roden, K. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 1 (T, W)Grade 6
Romano, C. Mrs.Educational Assistantemail
Rowland, S. Ms.Learning Support Teacher
Sanschagrin, J. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 17Grade 8
Schuring, M. Mrs.TeacheremailDiv. 16Grade 8
Scully, T. Mrs.Educational Assistant email
Sharples, C. Mrs.TeacheremailGrade 6
Smith, S. Ms.TeacheremaDiv. 6Grade 6Website
Spies, J. Ms.TeacheremailDiv. 23Grade 7
Stewart, V. Ms.Educational Assistantemail
Thexton, T. Ms.Educational Assistantemail
Thomas, P. Mr.First Nations Counselloremail
Wardel, D. Mr.School Techemail
Whyte, K. Mrs.Strings Teacheremail