Volunteering and Volunteer drivers

*If you plan to Volunteer as an extra body you will need to fill out the Volunteer Form and a CRC

  1. Volunteer Form
  2. Criminal Record Check

*If you plan to drive you will also need to add the following items to be eligible to drive:

  1. Volunteer Driver Form
  2. Copy of insurance showing a minimum of $2, 000, 000 3rd party liability (including private insurance)
  3. Copy of driver’s license
  4. Criminal Record Check
  5. ICBC Driver Abstract
  • Complete the Volunteer Driver Form and provide a copy of your Driver’s License and insurance.
  • For driver’s abstract please follow the link ICBC Driver Abstract. Please add colquitz@sd61.bc.ca in one of the receiving emails so it will come directly to the office email.
  • Volunteers can apply online for a Criminal Record Check at https://justice.gov.bc.ca/criminalrecordcheck/ using the school’s access code 7ZAHHYE8E6.  The Criminal Record Check is free and will be sent directly to the school’s email.