November 28

Attention all Volleyball Players! All volleyball players! There will be a general meeting tomorrow at lunch during OUTSIDE time. If you are interested in playing here at Colquitz, please attend. See Mrs.Cappus for questions. Location will be announced tomorrow. 

There is a tryout practice after school this Tuesday and Friday for boys ⅞ comp.  Mr. Robillard will be coaching again-yay!

Good luck to the ⅞ girls comp basketball team in their playoff game today at Central!

Please note that because of CC Day there will NOT be Popcorn sales on Wednesday.  See you next week!

Congratulations to Ms. Scott’s class for having the greatest participation in last week’s neon spirit day!  With 87.5% Ms. Scott’s class was so bright they had to win shades!   

Yearbooks are on sale now!  Yearbooks will include 60 full colour pages of classes and events from the year.  Orders can be placed online and cost only $23.  Make sure to check the posters around the school for our unique order ID.  This ID is required to complete your online order.  Congratulations to Kenna McCall for winning this year’s cover design contest! 


Fine Arts

*9:00am (hopefully a little before) School show begins for selected classes.  This is a packed house.  

*9:36am Grade 6 Choir (all Grade 6)Cancelled due to school show

* 10:34am Grade 8 Choir (all Grade 8) Cancelled due to school show

* Lunch: any issues arrising from the school show and reset for evening show

*1:04pm Grade 7 Choir (all grade 7)

*1:04pm Beginner Strings (music room)

*1:44pm Intermediate/Advanced Strings (music room)

* 6:00pm Cast and Crew arrive to prepare for OPENING NIGHT Team Greenland!   Show begins at 7:00pm and will likely run until just after 9:00pm, plus clean up.  Thank you for your patience, no students will be released until everything is done.  We all want to get home!

7:40am tomorrow morning Jazz Band


Here is an announcement from Ms Schlappner

For some reason, there has been a rise in “pantsing” around the school.  This is not a funny or fun thing to do. It doesn’t matter if you do this to a friend “as a joke” or not.   This is a form of targeted bullying that causes people feelings like embarrassment and humiliation.  It is a violation of someone’s body and privacy without consent.  This is very serious.  So know that we respond to this with serious consequences, including a day in the office, and more if it happens again.  Please find other ways to joke around with each other, because we will have zero tolerance for this one.  We all need to feel comfortable and safe at school, and Pantsing does not allow for that. Thank you