May 7

Today is popcorn day, $3 dollars a bag at lunch. Thank you to CPAP for not only using the funds made from popcorn to help the fine arts program but also gave a nice donation to the Kids Run!  More kids helping kids.


Attention Lead the change members- your meeting is moved to tomorrow at lunch in the library. 


Rugby rugby rugby- there is a practice at lunch today and 6/7 boys are playing at shoreline afterschool today. Please meet ms. Irving by the front doors at the end of day bell. 


Dress like a teacher day tomorrow! 


Track and Field Fun:

  • Sprints at lunch today
  • Open practice after school
  • If you have signed up for an event for the track meet on Thursday, you have to write your name clearly or who knows what may end up on the results sheet.  As well, some of you have not indicated your grade-Mason, Wyatt, Jack, Max, and Ewan.  Jerseys will be handed out Thursday at NB for those going that day.


Call out for all missing jerseys.  We are missing 25 pinnies and 3 jerseys.  Check your siblings’ closets too! Please bring them right away to Mrs. C.  Thanks!  


Fine Arts – Percussionists who are playing snare drums in the parade, please come at nut break to get your drum sized for you.  Travis and Janina come as well.

*10:34am Band 6 amber team

*11:15am Band 6 green team

*Lunch Dancers: Wolf attacks

*1:04pm Band 8

* After school: Main Castle cast + Belle, Beast, Maurice

*7:40 tomorrow morning Grade 6 Choir is canceled due to – Marching Band practice – 2 more practices left!!!!


The following book holds are ready to be picked up in the library:


It is Tuesday Trivia Time! Since Mr. Arnott heard that last month’s questions were a bit difficult, he has decided to make this month’s movie themed questions a little easier. Good Luck!!

Student Question: What is the name of the snowman in the movie “Frozen”?

Staff Question: Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?