May 14

Happy Rainbow Week! Did you know that Victoria is the non-binary capital of Canada? There are more people who identify as transgender and non-binary here than anywhere else in Canada! Check out the books in the library display window for some great LGBTQ+ reads and don’t forget to wear rainbow colours on Thursday, May 16!


Today is popcorn day! We hope you remembered your $3!!! 


Rugby rugby rugby- practice today and Thursday at lunch. The 6/7 boys play today here at Colquitz at 3:45- come cheer them on! Rugby players please return your jamboree forms to Ms Irving or Ms. D asap! 


Make sure to order your yearbook today!  Orders close soon!  Order information can be found on the posters around the school and is emailed out in the weekly notes. 


Track and Field Fun:

-Track runners! There will be a sprint practice today at lunch right at the outside recess bell.

-Open practice today after school. 

-sign up for the 100m (it looks like we only have fast grade 6’s at this point) , 4×100 relay (practice only.  This is not a qualifying event.  You must sign up as a team, not as an individual), triple jump and High jump for girls 6/7 is on the board.


Lead the Change is meeting today at lunch in the library.  


Fine Arts

*All VILLAGE LASSES please come to the drama room at NUT BREAK to confirm your costumes

*10:34am Band 6 amber team

*11:15am Band 6 green team

*Lunch Dancers: Review all

*All Female identifying VILLAGERS please come to the Art room at LUNCH to confirm your costume and do a photo shoot

*1:04pm Band 8

* After school: Main Castle cast + Belle, Beast

*7:40am tomorrow morning Grade 6 Choir and Grade 8 Band


It is Tuesday Trivia Time. Here are this week’s movie themed questions. Good Luck!

Student Question: In the movie, “The Little Mermaid”, what does Ariel trade to become human?

Staff Question: Who is the villain in the movie “The Little Mermaid”?