March 13

Volleyball news:

  • Ms Irving’s volleyball team, please return your jerseys. I am looking for jerseys from Holli, Camryn, and Violet. Also if you are wanting to order a hoodie, please get your forms and money into me ASAP.
  • Boys comp practice game after school today.  Come sign the card in Mrs. C’s room at break. A few haven’t paid yet so Mrs. C will come after you.
  • Girls comp, please get your jerseys into Mrs C.  Thanks.
  • There are still some jerseys in the office.   #35 and #41, please claim them.  We don’t know what team they are from.
  • If you are on Mr. Brown’s team and haven’t returned your jersey, can you please give it to Mrs. C


Students interested in playing on the Colquitz badminton team are invited to attend a meeting in the Art Room today at morning nutrition break. The badminton season starts in April and we’ll have try-outs the first week after Spring break. Come to today’s meeting to sign up. 


Fine Arts

*10:34am Band 7

*11:15am Band 6 amber team

*Nothing after school today and No Early morning Choir tomorrow

*7:40am tomorrow morning ALL Grade 6 Band members Mass practice


Joke: What has five toes but isn’t your foot? My foot!!!