January 30

Popcorn sales today at lunch – 5 delicious flavours to choose from.

Black History Month begins on Thursday.  If you are interested in being part of sharing ideas and planning activities events for the month, please come to a meeting on WEDNESDAY in Ms Schuring’s Room –  120 – AFTER you eat your lunch.  So, at the end of lunch eating and beginning of lunch recess.  

Students going to Home Ec Exploratory, please bring pencils and erasers.


Volleyball News

  • Good luck to the grade 6/7 comp and rec volleyball teams today in their games after school!
  • Boys 6/7 practice at lunch today
  • Boys ⅞ comp after school today and congratulations on their game played yesterday!
  • Gr 6/7 comp girls practice at 7:30 tomorrow am.


It is TRIVIA TIME. Here are this week’s final TV show themed questions.
Student Question: Which Addams family character recently got their own TV show on Netflix?
Staff Question: What 1970’s TV show featured an orange Dodge Charger named the ‘General Lee’?


Fine Arts – Important tour announcement – can all tour students please come to the music room at nut break to fill out their buddy form!  You are choosing the ONE person you would like to share a room with.  Mrs. Montgomery and Mrs. Mackenzie will pair you up with another pair of students.

*10:34am Band 6 amber team
*11:15am Band 6 green team
*1:04pm Band 8
* After school: Cast list will be posted at school and in the google classroom
*7:40am tomorrow morning Grade 6 choir and Grade 8 Band

Grade 6 Tripl ball girls meet Mrs.Cappus in the front Foyer at Nutrition break to organize rides to today’s Jambouree. Front Foyer at nutrition break. 

The following hold are ready to be picked up in the library Taylor div10, Jayla div4,Jayla div4, Aron div7