January 29

Here are some important announcements from Ms Schlappner:

It seems there is a need to review and reinforce some school expectations with everyone.  Please listen carefully, and staff, we will send these out to you via email as well:

  1. Lunch Eating Time
  2.     Everyone must STAY in their own classroom during lunch eating.  The only exception is those on the lunch program to go get their lunch – but you must return to your class immediately after.
  3. Along those lines, those who are NOT in the lunch program CANNOT accompany friends who go to the Canteen.
  4.     If you have permission to go to the bathroom or get a snack from the office, you must go back quickly.
  5.     You can also get cutlery from the office, so DO NOT go to the Canteen for this.
  6.     Go to the closest bathroom to your classroom ONLY
  7.     DO NOT stay in the bathroom to socialize with friends. Related to this is…
  8. Bathrooms
  9.     Only one person from each class can go to the bathroom at a time.
  10.     You must sign out and in again
  11.     If you are found in a bathroom stall with another person, you will stay in at breaks and your parents will be phoned.
  12.     If you are found hiding in a bathroom stall during class or at breaks, there will be a consequence and we will call your parents.
  13.     If you are found using the bathroom furthest from your classroom, you will also receive a consequence.  And lastly:
  14. Breaks
  15. Everyone is expected to go outside and stay outside at breaks
  16. The only exceptions to this are the Library at NB, or if you are involved in a staff-supervised room and activity, such as Band, Musical, Leadership, Yearbook, GSA, the Café, etc.
  17. A reminder to staff that you should not allow students to stay in your room if you are not there.  Popping out is OK, but not for the whole break.

                                                   iii. For those who are found to continuously come inside and hide in the washrooms – again, we will be giving consequences for this and calling your parents.

  1. At breaks, everyone should leave quickly, ideally leaving by the door closest to them, or by the front door.  Please do not go out the gym door or red pod door after break is in full swing. 
  2. After breaks, please say goodbye to your friends and get to class quickly.

 If everyone follows the same expectations, it is fair and equitable for everyone, and staff can enjoy having positive interactions with you.  We appreciate everyone’s help and cooperation in having things run smoothly at Colquitz.

Black History Month begins on Thursday.  If you are interested in being part of sharing ideas and planning activities events for the month, please come to a meeting on WEDNESDAY in Ms Schuring’s Room –  120 – AFTER you eat your lunch.  So, at the end of lunch eating and beginning of lunch recess.  


Indigenous students and their allies are welcome in Div.23 (room 127) at lunch recess today, to join in the fun of learning and playing a traditional First Nations game called Lahal! Snack provided.

Please bring in your Survival Socks donations by Monday February 5th to help out those in need in our community. We currently have a high need for long new or nearly new warm socks. There are lists of items we are hoping for posted around the school. 

Volleyball News:

  • Grade 6 Girls triple ball players meet Ms.Cappus at Nutrition break in the gym to receive your jersey’s and arrange rides. Nutrition break in the gym. 
  • Boys ⅞ comp have their first game at Centre Mtn. Lellum.  Good luck!  If you do not have a ride, please check in with Mrs. C.
  • Girls 7’/8 comp and Irving A ⅞ girls practice at 7 am tomorrow.
  • There is only one scorekeeper signed up for the girls game here on Wednesday.  I need three more bodies to help line and scorekeep.  This is open to all students and staff.  Please see Mrs. C.  We cannot run a game without you!

Important Book Battle Meeting in the library at Lunch, bring your lunches, books, and book questions! 

Popcorn sales tomorrow!  Bring your $3

Fine Arts

*9:36am Grade 6 Choir (all Grade 6)
*10:34am Grade 8 Choir (all Grade 8)
*Lunch Make-up audition for anyone who missed any part of the audition process. This is not a chance to re-do anything, just make up for things!
*1:04pm Grade 7 Choir (all grade 7)
*1:04pm Beginner Strings (music room)
*1:44pm Intermediate/Advanced Strings (music room)
* After school: Call back auditions (if necessary)
*6:30pm Parent information night for Musical Theatre in the ARt room!
*7:40am tomorrow morning Jazz Band


The following holds are ready to be picked up in the library: Kaira div 20, Allison div 7, Aaron div 7, Zeid div 1, Gage div 7