January 18

Here is an update from Ms Schlappner about the rules around throwing snowballs.

As we established yesterday, you may only throw snowballs AT ANY TIME within the snowball area indicated by orange cones on the back / library field. Only go into this area if you’re prepared to get snowballs thrown at you. If you participate, and change your mind, you should leave the area entirely.  Simply stepping outside the area or staying in the area can be confusing to others, so make it clear you’re not wanting to participate anymore by going somewhere else.  As we said yesterday, if you are being unsafe in any way, you will be asked to leave the area. If you feel frustrated about something that happened, please see a supervisor right away.

 Thank you for playing as safely as possible.


Pizza Pizza Pizza

Pizza Lunch today. Please line up in your classrooms in order with a paper towel. Someone will come and lead your class to the pizza serving tables. If you have an activity at lunch please go directly to the serving tables as soon as the lunch bell rings. Happy Pizza Day!

Lead the Change is collecting items for our Survival Socks initiative. We will be stuffing warm socks with toiletry and other small items and delivering the socks to people in need. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to bring, there’s a list in all the classrooms of items that are needed most to build the survival socks. We will be collecting donations until January 30th. Thank you for helping us help our community! 

The Colquitz Rainbow Club will meet today at lunch in the Library for our first meeting of the new year

Volleyball News:

  • Girls ⅞ comp and grade 6 girls tomorrow am at 7:00 and a game after school for ⅞ comp.  Make sure you have your rides figured out.
  • Girls ⅞ with Ms. Irving practice at lunch today
  • Boys ⅞ comp practice after school.
  • Score keepers needed!   We need linespeople as well.  Please come to the gym at lunch for a practice run with scorekeeping.  Open to staff and students.  If you are thinking of going into athletic leadership next year at Spectrum, this is one way to get your volunteer hours.


Fine Arts – Please bring in the tour forms to the office or to Mrs. Montgomery.  Make sure to make your second tour payment this week please.

*9:36am Band 8

*10:34am Band 6 green team

*11:15am Band 7

*Lunch Jazz Band

**Lunch Group Singing Placement Session 1 (all students must complete one of these sessions unless you are Crew or Dancing only)

​* After school: Speaking auditions in the drama room 3:00 – 4:30pm