January 16

Lead the change today at noon in the library. Bring colouring items. 

Twin day is coming up on January 25th!  Get a friend or group of friends and dress up the same!  Twins, triplets or large groups are all welcome!  

Volleyball News:

  • Boys 6/7 practice at lunch today and Wednesday at lunch with Ms. Steffens
  • Girls 6/7 comp with Mrs Bayliss after school today and tomorrow am at 7:30
  • Boys ⅞ comp practice after school tomorrow,  Wednesday
  • Score keepers needed!   We need linespeople as well.  Please see Mrs. C if you are able to help out.  Open to staff and students.  If you are thinking of going into athletic leadership next year at Spectrum, this is one way to get your volunteer hours.

Fine Arts – Please bring in the tour forms to the office or to Mrs. Montgomery

*10:34am Band 6 amber team

*11:15am Band 6 green team

**Lunch Group Singing Placement Session 2 (all students must complete one of these sessions unless you are Crew or Dancing only)

*1:04pm Band 8

* After school: Speaking auditions in the drama room 3:00 – 4:30pm

*7:40am tomorrow morning Grade 6 Choir and Grade 8 Band

Thank you to all of you who had picked up your books in the library though we still have some left Grace Div.19, Elliot Div.3, Scarlett Div.2, Leland Div.11, Taranjot Div.10, and Hayden Div,18 

TRIVIA, TRIVIA, TRIVIA. Here are this week’s tv show themed questions:

Student Question: In What TV show would you find a Demogorgon?

Staff Question: In what TV show would you find a baseball bat named Lucille?

Joke: Did you hear about the giant pickle? It was kind of a big dill!!!!