January 10

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Pizza Lunch today. Please line up in your classrooms in order with a paper towel. Someone will come and lead your class to the pizza serving tables. If you have an activity at lunch please go directly to the serving tables as soon as the lunch bell rings. Happy Pizza Day!


Volleyball News:

*Gr ⅞ Rec A with Ms Irving Today at lunch

*Boys ⅞ comp after school today will be an optional half hour serving practice.  Mr Robillard is ill and can not make it in and all other coaches will be in a coach’s meeting. 

*⅞ comp girls Friday am 7-8

*gr 6 triple ball Friday  7-8

*gr ⅞ Triple ball rec B friday at lunch

A reminder to coaches that the meeting begins at 3:45 today and there was a link emailed to you. 


Staff:  A schedule will be going up soon in the gym in order for you to highlight whether you would like the volleyball nets to stay up for your block.  This will reduce wear and tear on our nets if we can take them down and set them up as few times as possible.  The ropes already need replacing unfortunately.


If you submitted a yearbook cover and would like your original back, please come to Ms. Schuring’s room at nutrition break to collect it. 


Elizabeth – student will come speak:   On Monday January 15th, it is a day to celebrate Black Excellence Day. The day January 15 is in honor of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr, who was born on January 15, 1929. What exactly is Black excellence day? Black excellence day was built to be a lead up to black history month. Black Excellence Day is also a day to learn about black history, black arts, and black people. Remember to wear a black shirt on January 15 to support and spread awareness about the day.


Yearbook club is tomorrow after school. Reminder to staff to please upload your photos. 


Fine Arts – Tour students who have not picked up the medical form outside Mrs. Montgomery’s room, please grab one and hand it in as soon as possible.

*9:36am Band 8

*10:34am Band 6 green team

*11:15am Band 7

*Lunch Jazz Band

Next week: Auditions for the Musical Begin!  Get your audition forms in!  Lost yours?  There’s more outside the drama room!