January 9

Lead the Change Club today after lunch eating time in Ms. Schuring’s room in Blue Pod.

Eco and Outdoor Education Push-In starts today. Mr. Leblond will meet you in the designated rooms – 

Amber pod meet in Room 106, Red pod 124, Blue pod 125.


Volleyball News:

*Lisa Baylis gr 7 Triple Ball comp practice after school and 7:30 tomorrow morning

*Boys 6/7 volleyball today Tuesday and tomorrow Wednesday at lunch

*Boys ⅞ comp after school tomorrow (Wednesday)

*Gr ⅞ Rec A with Ms Irving Thursday at lunch

*Boys ⅞ comp after school on Thursday

*Gr ⅞ Rec B with Mr Brown Friday at lunch


Gr 8 going to Home Ec tomorrow, please bring socks.


TRIVIA, TRIVIA, TRIVIA: Welcome to Trivia 2024. This month’s questions are on the topic of TV shows. I hope you spent some extra time this break preparing for this topic! Here are this week’s questions:

Student Question: What product do the employees in the TV show “The Office” sell?

Staff Question: In the TV show “The Office”, What do the words on Michael Scott’s mug say?


Fine Arts – All Richmond Tour students, please come and pick up an important form on the table outside the band room.  Fill it in and bring it back as soon as possible.

*10:34am Band 6 amber team

*11:15am Band 6 green team

*Lunch Information session about the Musical and auditions (which begin next week!!)  If you missed the info session in December this is an additional one for you! Dancers are encouraged to attend as questions about the Dance specific roles will be answered!)

*1:04pm Band 8

*7:40am tomorrow morning Grade 6 Choir and Grade 7 Band

Next week: Auditions for the Musical Begin!  Get your audition forms in!  Lost yours?  There’s more outside the drama room!


Now here’s Ms Schlappner with a rainy day announcement:

If the weather continues to be rainy and windy, we may need to have our first indoor recess.  Please pay close attention to how this will work.  Staff – I emailed this out as well.

Indoor Recess Process

  1.     We expect everyone to behave in a calm, kind, safe, and respectful way at all times, especially during an indoor recess. 
  2.     All students must be in a classroom, the library, or gym.  No one can be in the halls.
  3.     You may choose to go to a friend’s classroom as long as there is space and you behave appropriately.  If you are not, especially after being asked by a staff member to do or not do something, you will be sent back to your own classroom or the office.
  4.     You must choose ONE CLASSROOM OR SPACE (like the Library or Gym) to go to and stay in for the duration of the break within 5 minutesNO moving between classrooms.  Once the Library or Gym are full, you must return right away to a classroom and stay there.  If we feel a classroom is too full, you may be sent back to your own classroom.  Please follow adult requests or you will be sent to the office.
  5.     If we need to stay in at Lunch Recess, everyone will eat in their own classrooms as usual, then we will open up the Library and Gym after eating time.
  6.     Ms Schlappner or Ms Elford will make the announcement just before NB and Lunch regarding whether we will be having an indoor or outdoor recess.  If the rain and wind lessen or stop, we will be going outside.
  7.     Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for following staff requests respectfully.

In the case of an indoor recess, volleyball practice at lunch will be canceled.