February 9

Ms Irving’s ⅞ Volleyball team, there is an important meeting today at nut break in room 106. 


Reminder to all students who would like to plan or present at our Black History Month Assembly, we will be meeting every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY at lunch.  So see you TODAY in Ms Schuring’s Room(120) AFTER LUNCH EATING.  Everyone is welcome!


Chips and Bubly will be sold today at nutrition break in the foyer for $1 each. Make sure to walk calmly to the foyer if you would like to buy something.  Anyone who is pushing or running will be sent away. 


The library will be closed during silent reading today. 


Lunar New Year announcement 🌏🎉


ORDER YOUR YEARBOOK!  Check the posters around the school for order information. 


Yearbook Club after school today.


Heeeeeeeeyyyyy swim team! You have practice this afternoon and next week on February 16th. See you on the pool deck at 3:15 PM. 


Volleyball News:

Boys comp practice after school today

Girls ⅞ Brown team practice Monday 7:00am


It’s Tuesday Trivia Answer Time! Here were this week’s Black History themed questions:

Student Question: Willie O’Ree was the first black hockey player in the NHL in the 1957-58 season. What team did he play for?

Answer: Boston Bruins

Winners: Jasmine-Div.2, Chan-Div.7, Nathaniel-Div.8

Staff Question: Donovan Bailey once held the world record in what Olympic event?

Answer: 100 meter sprint

Winner: Reese – another of our wonderful EA’s


Fine Arts

*Dancers at lunch

*1:04pm Beginner Strings

*1:44pm Intermediate/Advanced Strings