February 6

Lead the Change club today at 12 today in the library. We need all hands on deck as we are preparing Survival Socks and other events. 


Staff and students: Please ensure all survival sock items are placed in the boxes around the school before lunch. Lead the change club students will be collecting these items today. 

Advisory teachers, a pink shirt day survey was emailed to you last evening. If you could take a moment and complete the 2 question Google Form, Lead the Change would really appreciate it.  

Volleyball News:

  • Congratulations to the ⅞ boys comp team who played yesterday at home. It was really competitive volleyball. Shout out for the amazing serving Jashan! It was great to see so many supporters out as well.  
  • Mr. Brown’s Volleyball team will have a practice Thursday morning at 7am
  • Ms. Irving’s ⅞ team, there will be a practice Thursday at lunch. 
  • The girls 6/7 comp girls have a game after school today.  Come cheer them on!  Still looking for 3 more scorekeepers as we have two courts running.  So far I have Maria, Ali, Sahiba, Benji, and Augustin.


It’s Tuesday Trivia Time! Here are this week’s Black History themed questions:
Student Question: Willie O’Ree was the first black hockey player in the NHL in the 1957-58 season. What team did he play for?
Staff Question: Donovan Bailey once held the world record in what Olympic event?


Fine Arts – Grade 7 and 8 singers who would like to audition for the “Summer Nights” singing, please come to the music room at lunch.  There are still a few medical forms and second tour payments outstanding, so please ask your parents if they have paid.  Maliyah Farrell and Angelina Mansley please come and see Mrs. Montgomery in the music room at nut break.

*10:34am Band 6 amber team
*11:15am Band 6 green team
*Lunch Dancers begin work on the Prologue
*1:04pm Band 8
* After school: Belle, Gaston, Le Fou, Village Lasses
*7:40 am tomorrow morning Grade 6 Choir and Grade 7 Band


Lahal is on TODAY in the Red Pod Hallway at lunch.  See you then

Reminder to staff that there is a Staff Committee Meeting today at lunch in the Library.

Popcorn sales today!


Reminder to all students who would like to plan or present at our Black History Month Assembly, we will be meeting every WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY at lunch.  So see you TOMORROW in Ms Schuring’s Room(120) AFTER LUNCH EATING.  Everyone is welcome!

We are doing amazing on picking up your holds in the library but these are the following hold ready to be picked up in the library Araon div7, and jacob kitchen div 1


What’s a math teacher’s favorite dessert? Pie