February 20

Reminder: Popcorn sales today!


Yearbooks are now on sale.  Make sure to copy down the order information that is on the posters around the school or ask your parents to check the Colquitz Weekly notes.  


Volleyball News:

  • Good luck to the girls 7 comp team playing today after school.  Come out and cheer them on.  Scorekeepers today are Ali, Maria and Benji.  We could use one or two more. Please report to Mr. Brown and Ms. Zahara after school to begin helping out.
  • Practice today at lunch for 6/7 boys.  Mr Brown will take it as Ms Steffens is away.
  • Boys ⅞ comp and girls 7 triple ball comp going to the tournament on Friday need to check in with their teachers to see if anything is owing for CCD as your first games are 2:00 Friday. 


Lead the change today at noon in the library- we need as many members there as possible so we can finish stuffing survival socks! 

Fine Arts – Would the following students please see Mrs. Montgomery at nut break today – Amina Bunjaku, Isla Chamberlain, Ava Csapo, MV, Daley deWynter, Angus Holmwood, Sarah Jones, Rainbow Nilson, Lucas Silva and Angelina Mansley

Those students who are helping with the Black History Month Assembly tomorrow, please come to the office right after lunch, to meet ms.Elford for a run through during silent reading.

Would the following students see Mrs. Montgomery at lunch – Vinca Ada, Jasmine Benoit, Grace Doust, Misha Morco, Heaven Odesegun, Myles Pepper, Claire Reid, Soman Abdi and Ana Smith


It is Tuesday Trivia Time! Here are this week’s Black history themed questions:
Student Question: What Canadian dollar bill features Viola Davis?
Staff Question: In what Olympics did Bruny Surin win the gold medal in the 4×100 event?

*10:34am Band 6 amber team
*11:15am Band 6 green team
*Lunch Dancers continue work on the Prologue
*1:04pm Band 8
* After school: Belle, Gaston, Le Fou
*7:40am tomorrow morning Grade 6 Choir and Grade 7 Band