December 22

Happy Last Day!

We will call classes down by Division for Hot Chocolate this morning.  Bring your own mug if possible, and know that we have the Dairy-Free option of Hot Apple Cider, and even have gluten-free candy canes.  See you soon!

Staff: Please remember to clean out the staff room fridge of any food you have in there, and make sure students and you take home any perishables from lockers or desks.

Swim team, there is a practice today. See you at the pool at 3:15pm.  

If you didn’t pick up your band/strings instrument yesterday, make sure you get it today at the end of lunchtime when Mr. DeVries is here to let you in.

TRIVIA, TRIVIA, TRIVIA. Here were this week’s final holiday themed questions:

Student Question: An old top hat makes which famous snowman come to life?

Answer: Frosty the Snowman

Winners: Ramina-Div.4, Lucas-Div.1, Holli-Div.17

Staff Question: During the holidays of 1965, astronauts broadcast which

holiday song from space?

Answer: Jingle Bells

Winner: Sadly, no winners this week 🙁

Enjoy the next 2 weeks off while Mr. Arnott comes up with some new questions for the new January theme of TV shows.

Book Battle Meeting today in the library at Lunch for anyone who missed Monday’s meeting!

Last chance to pick your books up in the library Anuva Div8, Hayden div18, Ana div3, Colin div12,Nadia Div1, Ewen Div5, Olive Div23, Harrison div12, Leland Div11, Scarlette Div 2 and Grace in div19  

Think you’ll be too busy to read during the break? Return your books, today!