December 19

Holiday Sweater Contest today- the class with the most participation will win a prize! 


Attention to all grade 8 basketball players who met with Ms. Irving earlier in the month to play in the staff vs. student game, please meet in the gym at Nutrition break for a very important meeting. If you don’t show up at Nutrition Break, you don’t play at lunch. 


Staff Vs. Student basketball game at noon today– Here are the important details:

  • Grade 8 PLAYERS – you will be called to the gym about 5 minutes before the lunch bell.  If you’re on the lunch program, grab your lunch and tuck it aside until after the game.
  • Grade 8 Spectators will be called just AFTER the bell.  Again,  if you’re on the lunch program, grab your lunch and tuck it aside until after the game.
  • Spectators – there will be no ins and outs. 
  • There is a chance that there may not be room for grade 6s and 7s spectators, so be prepared. You may head to the gym after lunch eating to see if there’s no room, you must head outside immediately,
  • Players and spectators either eat before lunch or at silent reading as there is no food allowed in the gym. 


Volleyball news:

Grade 6 girls volleyball practice Friday at 7AM


Leadership is canceled today as Ms. Irving and Ms. Schuring are both helping with the basketball game. Leadership students, please take down any old posters that are in the hallway. 


Did you miss your chance to buy a candy gram? No problem!  Leadership students will be selling candy grams for one more day tomorrow.  Bring your money tomorrow to buy candy grams!  Advisory teachers, please make sure your bag or bucket is returned to the bin outside of Ms. Schuring’s room.  


TRIVIA, TRIVIA, TRIVIA. Here are this week’s final holiday themed questions:

Student Question:  An old top hat makes which famous snowman come to life?

Staff Question: During the holidays of 1965, astronauts broadcast which

holiday song from space?


Vball practice for 7’s after school with Lisa Bayliss


Fine Arts – There are 15 students who borrowed Colquitz Music shirts last week.  Please bring them to Mrs. Montgomery washed, with your name on them.  If you went to Tuba Christmas, you should have received the buttons from your classroom teacher

*10:34am Band 6 amber team

*11:15am Band 6 green team

Lunch – *1:04pm Band 8

*Tomorrow morning Caroling in the foyer!


Reminder to all Advisory Classes that the Door for the Decorate your Door Contest must be completed by Wednesday (tomorrow).