December 15

Please everyone, Listen to the announcements.  It is important to those students who are expected at clubs and practices to be able to hear the deetes!

Volleyball news:

  • There is a meeting with Mr Brown for all ⅞ rec volleyball  girls today at NB today
  • Friday after school practice for ⅞ boys comp with Mr Robillard
  • Practice next Monday for ⅞ girls recB 7-8am with Mr Brown
  • Practice next Monday at lunch for 6/7 boys with Ms Steffens
  • Practice next Monday after school for ⅞ boys comp with Mr Robillard

TRIVIA, TRIVIA, TRIVIA: Here WERE this week’s holiday themed Trivia questions:

Student Question: Where does the Polar Express take children?

Answer: The North Pole

Winners: Gerrit-Div.19, Quinn-Div.12, Maddy S-Div.7

Staff Question: What professional sports league has played a game on December 25 almost every year since 1947?

Answer: NBA

Winner: Ms. Schuring

Thanks to everyone for playing. We have had winners from 22 of 23 divisions so far! Next week will feature our final holiday themed questions. 

Fine Arts

​*1:04pm Beginner Strings

*1:44pm Intermediate/Advanced Strings