December 11

Fine Arts

*9:36am Grade 6 Choir (all Grade 6)

* 10:34am Grade 8 Choir (all Grade 8) 

*1:04pm Grade 7 Choir (all grade 7)

*1:04pm Beginner Strings (music room)

*1:44pm Intermediate/Advanced Strings (music room)

*7:40am tomorrow morning Jazz Band and Band concert Day!


Candy grams go on sale this Wednesday in the foyer! Send your friend a candy gram and a special note.  Write your name or leave it a mystery!  Candy grams cost $0.25 each and will be sold at lunch time in the foyer. 


Volleyball News:

  • Attention all boys volleyball players. All boys grades 6-7-8. Mandatory meeting today at nutrition break in the gym. Mandatory meeting for boys volleyball players today in the gym at Nut break.   Unless you are on the ⅞ comp team.
  • Today there is a practice after school for ⅞ comp boys
  • Tomorrow there is a practice for ⅞ comp and grade 8 girls at 7 am
  • For all volleyball players: please be patient as we figure out coaches and practice schedules.  Listen carefully to the announcements every day as we do not have set schedules yet.  If you miss the announcements, check the TV in the foyer or ask Mrs Cappus or Mrs. C.


The following hold are ready to be picked up in the library  Jayla div4, Olive Div23, Milo div14, LohanDiv4, Colin div 12, Leland div11,, Xavia Div2l