April 30

Congratulations to Colquitz grade 6 badminton players!  Grade 7 badminton players going to the city tournament today to meet Mr. Leblond in the lobby outside the office at 1:30 to get your jersey and racquets before leaving. Any grade 7 or 8 players that haven’t given Mr. Leblond their permission forms should do so today. If you are still trying to organize a ride, be sure to talk to Mr. Leblond at morning nutrition break in the art room.


Lahal will now be happening on Tuesdays at lunch recess time. Please join us in Red Pod if you’d like to join. 


Aqua pod is selling bubbly and juice boxes for $1 and chips for $2 at nutrition break to raise money for the Kids Run fundraiser to help children and their families affected by cancer. 


Attention Staff: Treat and tea/coffee fundraiser is happening all day today in the Learning Support Office. Minimum $3 donation. Gluten and Dairy free options are available!


Lead the change- our meeting will be held in room 114 with Ms. Ballarin after lunch eating time at 12:12. 


Anyone interested in drumming for future Colquitz events, please join us in Red pod room 126 at Nutrition Break on Tuesdays (starting today!) to practice drumming and singing. 


Rugby rugby rugby- practice today at lunch and the 6/7 boys are playing here today afterschool at 3:45- come cheer them on! 


Overdue books! If your book is over a month over due, Ms. Fynn will be talking to you!


Track and Field Fun:

  • There is an open practice today, however, we will not be using the track field due to a game after school. Meet by the rocks.
  • Events at next week’s track meet are: 200, 800, 2000 m runs, long jump girls all ages, high jump gr 6/7 boys, discus boys all ages and shot put girls all ages.  This is the only time these events will be held so make sure you sign up!
  • Don’t worry if you have not been coming out to practices.  Some athletes practice on their own.  If you can meet the standards for highjump and long jump sign up!  Runs have no standards.  Talk to Mrs C if you have any questions.


Fine Arts

*10:34am Band 6 amber team

*11:15am Band 6 green team

*Lunch Dancers: Maurice, Belle, Beast

*1:04pm Band 8

* After school: Main Castle cast + Belle, Beast, Maurice

*7:40am tomorrow morning Grade 6 Choir.  There is no Band 7 or Band 8 tomorrow morning.


It is Tuesday Trivia Time. Here are this week’s final Quidditch themed questions.

Student Question: What character’s favourite Quidditch team is named the Chudley Cannons?

Staff Question: Who wrote the book “Quidditch Through the Ages”?


The following holds are ready to be picked up in the library Vera div1, Logan div 17, Ana div 3 and Yekta Div 7


What do you get when you cross a pig and a centipede?  Bacon and legs.