April 25

Pizza Pizza Pizza

Pizza Lunch today. Please line up in your classrooms in order with a paper towel. Someone will come and lead your class to the pizza serving tables. If you have an activity at lunch please go directly to the serving tables as soon as the lunch bell rings. Happy Pizza Day!


Yearbook Club meets after school tomorrow!


Next week from Monday to Thursday aqua pod will be selling bubly and juice boxes for $1 and chips for $2 at nutrition break to raise money for the Kids Run fundraiser to help children and their families affected by cancer. 


The Colquitz Rainbow Club will meet today at lunch in the Library 


Green Pod Bake Sale: We have cookies left! Cookies will be on sale today at nut break in the foyer. 

Cookies are 50 cents each. See you there! 


Rugby rugby rugby- rugby practice today at lunch. Boys 7/8 rugby game today at Central. Meet by the front door to confirm rides at the end of day bell. Please bring your cleats and mouth guard. 


Badminton practice in the gym at lunch eating time for those students selected to attend the city badminton tournament. Be sure to get your permission slips signed and handed back to Mr. Leblond.


Track and Field Fun:

  • Distance run with Em today at lunch.  If you ran x-country, you can do 800-2000meters!
  • Open practice today after school.  Stay tuned regarding weather. 
  • It is not too late to come out and try a sport.  
  • The sign up for the first Meet (May 9th)  is on the athletic board.  Be sure to write your last name and grade please.


Fine Arts – All Band students come to the music room right at 12:00 to make sure your instrument is in the pile to travel tomorrow.  Choir tour students come help grab the three sets of risers to travel with

*9:36am Band 8

*10:34am Band 6 green team

*11:15am Band 7

*Lunch Jazz Band

*Lunch Stage Crew


*Tomorrow is TOUR DAY!!!  Make sure you arrive in full uniform at 4:45 tomorrow morning with a big packed lunch for the day!