April 23

Blue Pod will be selling the last 70 candy bags at nutrition break today for $2.  Please walk calmly to the table and line up in two lines. Once you have purchased your candy bag, please exit through the front doors.  All proceeds will be donated to The Kids Run on May 5th. This money will help children on Vancouver Island who are battling cancer.


Popcorn will be on sale at lunch today!!!  Bring your $3 and pick your favourite flavour


Green Pod will be selling cookies tomorrow at recess for $1 each. All proceeds will be donated to The Kids Run on May 5th to help children on Vancouver Island who are battling cancer.


Reminder there will be a track practice at lunch today for all sprinters. Meet Ms. Andersen on the track field when the bell goes for outside recess time. See you there!

After school open practice for track and field. Distance Runners remember to meet at the track please! 


Staff vs. Student volleyball games TODAY at lunch. Student Players, please make sure you are changed and at the gym at the first lunch bell to help set up nets. Spectators are welcome but you must eat in your classroom and do not leave your classroom until you are called down on the announcements. We expect everyone to walk calmly to the gym.  If we see you being unsafe by doing things like running or pushing, we may choose to not allow you in the gym. No food or drinks allowed in the gym and there will be no ins and outs


Staff who are playing in the volleyball game, please meet in the gym at nut break. 


Rugby rugby rugby- rugby practice today at lunch. Boys 6/7 rugby game today at arbutus. Meet Ms. Irving at the front door at the end of day bell to confirm rides. Please bring your cleats and mouth guard. 


Fine Arts – Tour Band at lunch

*10:34am Band 6 amber team

*11:15am Band 6 green team

*Lunch Dancers: Maurice, Belle, Beast

*1:04pm Band 8

* After school: Main Castle cast + Belle, Beast

*7:40am tomorrow morning Grade 6 Choir and Tour Band


✡️ Passover Announcement by Ms. Fenton & Erik! ✡️


It is Tuesday Trivia Time! Here are this week’s Quidditch themed questions.

Student Question: How many points is the golden snitch worth?

Staff Question: When is the only time a Quidditch player is allowed to touch the ground during a game?