April 22

Blue Pod will be selling the last 70 candy bags at nutrition break tomorrow for $2.   All proceeds will be donated to The Kids Run on May 5th. This money will help children on Vancouver Island who are battling cancer.


Reminder to all Ms. V’s Home Ec students: bring a pencil to class for food theory activities! 


Rugby rugby rugby- rugby practice today afterschool. Boys 6/7 rugby game at arbutus tomorrow. Please bring your cleats and mouth guard. 


Attention badminton players! This is a reminder that we are continuing selection matches for city finals tomorrow. This is our final elimination practice before Mr. Leblond makes his selections. Practice starts at 7 am. Make sure that you are there if you want to represent Colquitz. There is no practice Wednesday due to early dismissal. 


Discuss today with Mr Arnott at lunch. No experience necessary!

Shot Put practice today at lunch with Ms. Zahara. Meet at the track on the side of the library


Don’t worry if you have not been to track and field practices yet.  All you need to do is show that you can meet the minimum standard and you can sign up for events at the track meets.  If you missed getting the information sheets, they are outside room 129 (the glass room on your way to the gym)  There is also a schedule on the athletic board.


Staff vs. Student volleyball games tomorrow at lunch. Student Players, please make sure you are changed and at the gym at the first lunch bell to help set up nets. Spectators are welcome but you must eat in your classroom and do not leave your classroom until you are called down on the announcements. We expect everyone to walk calmly to the gym.  If we see you being unsafe by doing things like running or pushing, we may choose to not allow you in the gym. No food or drinks allowed in the gym and there will be no ins and outs


Fine Arts

*9:36am Grade 6 Choir (all Grade 6)

*10:34am Grade 8 Choir (all Grade 8) 

*Lunch Beast solo work

*1:04pm Grade 7 Choir (all grade 7)

*1:04pm Beginner Strings (music room)

*1:44pm Intermediate/Advanced Strings (music room)

* After school: Gaston, Le Fou, Maurice, Cronies, Tavern Owner

*7:40am tomorrow morning Tour Jazz Band Only


The following book hold is ready to be picked up in the library: Teo div 2


Joke of the day: What is the best way to throw a birthday party on Mars? You planet!