May 9

Pizza sales today.  A reminder to teachers to please only release students at the noon bell who have noon hour activities so that they can be served first.  All other students are to remain in their classrooms in alphabetical order and wait for a runner to come get them.


Rugby rugby rugby- practice today at lunch and the boys ⅞ team play here today at 3:45. Come cheer our team on and say hi to Mr. Mac. 


Track and Field Fun:

  • Please meet in Mrs C’s room at NB to collect your jersey and make sure you know the procedures for the track meet after school.  Today’s events are:  200m, 800m and 2000m run events.  The field events are long jump girls all grades, high jump boys gr 6/7, discus boys all grades and shotput girls all grades.   Good luck athletes!


The Colquitz Rainbow Club will meet today at lunch in the Library for an IMPORTANT meeting


Fine Arts – There’s no Band 7 or 8 or Jazz today due to the Grade 6 Band festival

*Lunch Stage Crew Mandatory meeting.  Bring your script if you received one, and a pencil.

*After School Belle, Beast, Gaston (yes, again!)

*7:40  tomorrow morning Final Marching practice and musical terrorism.  Parade on Saturday!


Home Ec Exploratory students, please remember to bring a pencil to class!


Amber pod Maker 6/7 please bring scissors, glue, and a pencil to class. 


Joke of the Day: What is a rabbit’s favorite music? Hip Hop