May 3

Students with Indigenous Ancestry – please join us today in the Home Ec Room for a Pizza lunch and gathering!  We’re looking forward to connecting with you!  


Mr. Brown will hold a Volleyball open gym Monday at 7am


A shout out to Gyce for his huge support in buying up soooo many bubly’s to support the Kids Run.

Speaking of the Kids Run, come out to the parking lot beside Montanas this Sunday.  Events will be happening as well as the 1k and 5 k run walk.  All proceeds go to help kids who are battling cancer.


Yearbook club meets today after school.  


Track and field:  High jump at lunch today.


Rugby rugby rugby- the ⅞ boys played two amazing games against SMUS and Arbutus- great passing, great teamwork- thanks for the exciting home games! Next practice is on Tuesday at lunch


Today aqua pod will be selling bubbly and juice boxes for $1 and chips for $2 at nutrition break to raise money for the Kids Run fundraiser to help children and their families affected by cancer. 


Staff and Students- a reminder that the Kids Run in support of raising money for kids who have cancer, is happening this Sunday in the parking lot by Montanas.  Come out and do the 1k or 5 k walk run or just enjoy the activities.


Can all students who have volunteered to help with the kids run this weekend, please come to Ms. Schuring’s room for a short meeting at nutrition break. 


Fine Arts

*Lunch Rose dance review

*1:04pm Beginner Strings

*1:44pm Intermediate/Advanced Strings 




It is Tuesday Trivia Answer Time. Here were this week’s final Quidditch themed questions.

Student Question: What character’s favourite Quidditch team is named the Chudley Cannons?

Answer: Ron Weasley

Winners: Soren-Div.3, Leia-Div.14, Solomon-Div.20

Staff Question: Who wrote the book “Quidditch Through the Ages”?

Answer:Kennilworthy Whisp

Winner:Reese – another one of our amazing EA’s

Next week will feature questions on the new theme which is MOVIES.